CDM Consultancy

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Quadrant is focused to provide clients with a CDM principal designer approach that complies with current legislation. In order to implement this, Quadrant’s CDM principal designers offer a proactive and competent service to ensure that communication / clarity prevails within the project team.

This will encourage the consideration of health and safety from the very start of a project. The ongoing emphasis on clear communication and co-ordination will assist design work, planning and preparation for construction. This will identify issues that can be addressed and resolved without impact to the project. Ultimately, the project’s health and safety environment will benefit from the management of good practice.

Quadrant offers the following services to clients, in line with CDM 2015 regulations:

  • Provide suitable and sufficient advice and assistance to clients, to allow them to comply with their duties
  • Notify HSE about the project
  • Co-ordinate the relevant health and safety aspects of the design work, planning and other areas for construction
  • Advise clients on any important preparation to order to identify and collect pre-construction information
  • Co-ordinate the flow of health and safety information between all members of the project team
  • Provision of pre-construction information relevant to each member of the project team
  • Provide advice on the suitability of the initial construction phase plan and ensure appropriate facilities are on site to commence works
  • Organise the production of a relevant, user-friendly health and safety file suitable for future use at the end of the construction phase

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