Construction Cost Consultant

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Cost Planning 

We offer comprehensive cost planning services from inception to completion. Our estimates and reports are standardised to enable ease of use and to establish a clear audit trail throughout the project. Cost plans are issued regularly throughout a project to enable our clients to make key decisions and monitor the budget at all stages. 

Our cost planning role is focused on providing value for money, which is achieved by understanding individual client needs and priorities on each specific project. We analyse all potential changes in terms of time, quality and cost to ensure our clients have sufficient information to make informed decisions. We also assess cost plans in terms of whole life-cycle costs, in addition to capital costs. We maintain an in-house database of costs which is supplemented by the BICS online system and the experience and expertise of our surveyors. 

Throughout a project, particularly at the early stages, we offer advice and value engineering options, including reports on all implications of proposed alternatives. Cashflow forecasts are prepared and monitored in conjunction with the cost budgets to enable our clients to manage their finances efficiently and effectively. 

Pre-Construction Advice & Strategic Planning 

Pre-construction advice can have the biggest impact on the outcome of a project. We are able to offer sound, reasoned advice at all stages of this period, including: 

  •    Procurement strategy
  •    Contractual advice, including forms of contract and contract amendments insurance requirements, professional appointments and warranties
  •    Development appraisals and cashflow forecast
  •    Site option appraisals
  •    Budget control and monitoring

By using industry-standard software we are able to prepare, monitor and update all necessary programmes, including:

  •    Project master programme
  •    Pre-construction design and procurement programmes
  •    Construction phase programme
  •    Phasing programmes
  •    Completion programmes

Contract Document Preparation

Drafting and negotiations of bespoke contracts or contract amendments to standard forms.

Advice and drafting forms of appointment for consultants, including insurance, collateral warranties and novation agreements.

Post Contract Services

After the contract has completed, we can carry out:

  • Preparation and agreement of interim valuations
  • Employer’s agent duties
  • Change control and monitoring
  • Preparation and agreement of final accounts

Risk Management

Risk management is an essential part of any service we offer and underlines our strategy when preparing budgets, reports and programmes.

We establish a risk register at the start of a project which is developed throughout the project. All major risks are identified and rated to provide a management tool, which enables the client to assess and minimise risk.

Whole Life Cycle Cost Analysis

By using a discounted cashflow forecast, we are able to provide the client and end users with a whole life-cycle cost for their building. This includes capital costs, maintenance and repair costs, as well as predicted running costs and facilities management costs.

By establishing this model at the early stages of the project, it can be developed and fine tuned as the design progresses and is used to assess the impact of potential changes and alternative specifications.

Quantity Surveying

  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Production of Full Bill of Quantities to SMM 7 or NRM
  • Full negotiation of tender
  • Full tender analysis and recommendations

Contractors Surveying

We offer a comprehensive cost and procurement service to main contractors and sub contractors, including:

  •  Estimating
  •  Contractual advice and dispute resolution
  •  Cost reporting and monitoring
  •  Preparation and agreement of interim valuations and final accounts

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