Development Monitoring

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Quadrant can provide the technical experience and support to any organisation who have a financial interest in any type of development. Our Development Monitoring Service provides a professional, through and detailed assessment and monitoring of all risks associated with any potential development.

Prior to the Commencement of Construction Works on Site

  • Ascertain client objectives, including timescale and any financial limits; assess these and give the clients’ general advice on how to proceed at all times
  • Examine and comment upon, in conjunction with legal advisers the contract documentation, including the building agreement and the proposed consultants appointment
  • Examine and comment upon all consents related to the projects, both those already awarded and any that are outstanding or are subject to conditions
  • Examine and comment upon all plans, specifications, bill of quantities, construction programmes and estimates of construction costs produced for the project. In particular to confirm that:
    • The design specification and proposed materials meet with current market requirements and comply with best building practice
    • That the proposed programme for the project and the estimates of the construction costs are realistic
    • The project provides value for money
  • Throughout the project and subject to the requirements of the building agreement, consult with the developer’s consultants on any specific area of concern regarding the proposed design, specification, materials, programme of estimates of construction cost and report back to us thereon following such meeting
  • Comment upon any reports provided in respect of site surveys and environmental matters
  • Examine and comment upon the proposed building contract. Advise the banks with regards to the list of proposed tenderers and the tender process itself and the suitability of the selected tenderer
  • Provide a full written report at the end of the design period or such earlier time as agreed

Work in Progress

  • Attend site meetings as appropriate and report back to us thereon
  • Prepare a regular report (usually monthly) covering, amongst other things:
    • Whether the project is being constructed in accordance with the approved plans, consents and specification
    • Whether the project is being constructed in accordance with the agreed programme and within the agreed budget
    • The performance of the consultants and the contractor
    • Any variations proposed and / or any instructions that have been issued to the contractor
    • Any extension of time that the developers have or are intending to award the contractor
    • Attached to the report should be a photographic record of the project and copies of the minutes of any meetings held during that period. This duty shall continue following the issue of the final certificate to the contractor
  • Advise the client of any instruction, approval or thing issued or given or proposed to be issued or given to the contractor or any other party by the developer or his consultants which would be, or might be material under the terms of the building agreement and which would or might require the client’s consent or approval pursuant to the agreement
  • Examine and comment upon any test and commissioning certificates issued by the developers’ consultants
  • Advise of any snagging items that the developer’s consultants intend to issue on practical completion, including the timescale within which those snagging items will be rectified
  • Immediately prior to practical completion, conduct an inspection of the property in order to be in a position to advise the client as to whether or not the project can be certified in accordance with the terms of the building agreement
  • Advise on the validity of request for stage payments from the borrower

Post Contract

  • Confirm in writing that all snagging items have been satisfactorily completed
  • Receive two sets of as-built drawings and two full sets of maintenance manuals, as well as the health and safety file. Examine same to verify their accuracy and forward to us
  • Examine and comment upon the proposed final account of the contractor and in particular, advise the client with regards to any claims by the contractor for additional sums of money and /or extensions of time
  • Advise the client with regards to any proposed fitting-out works to be conducted by tenants and where required, and subject to obtaining the client’s comments, approve the same on the client’s behalf

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