6 Homes, Long Sutton – Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association Ltd

Service Provided

  • CDM Co-ordinator
  • Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor
  • SAP Assessor
  • HQI Assessor

Description of Works
Designed by Dr Jerry Harrall of Sustainable Ecological Architecture (SEArch) as a pioneering type of housing which aims to be autonomous in both its energy use and the amount of waste generated. Passive solar design was the founding principle of the overall scheme concept.

There are many sustainable features to the scheme, including:

  • Very low ‘U’ values for the fabric of the houses as well as the windows and doors
  • Large amount of solar photovaltaic panels on each property to provide almost all of the dwellings’ electricity requirements
  • Communal wind turbine to provide energy for the homes
  • All homes are fully ‘Lifetime Homes’ compliant
  • Every house has an allotment if so wished
  • Balancing pond on site to attenuate any excess surface water

Sustainable Homes Long Sutton

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