Planned Maintenance Strategy

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In order to protect the asset value of a property and other buildings on the site, regular planned and preventative maintenance is required. Not only will this protect the asset value, but it will also ensure a safe environment, prevent disruption of the use and ensure statutory compliance as well as the society being able to plan its spend. The use of a planned maintenance strategy will provide the necessary tools to ensure the protection of the asset. Quadrant can prepare a planned maintenance strategy for a regime over a 5, 10, 20 (or more) year period if required.

The planned maintenance strategy would incorporate the following:

  • Creation of an asset register
  • Identification of maintenance and serving requirements for the buildings
  • Creation and maintenance of a programme for the regular maintenance of the building fabric and servicing of engineering equipment
  • Creation and maintenance of planned equipment replacement
  • Preparation and regular updating of whole life costings
  • Procurement of maintenance agreements with specialist contractors
  • Management of the building maintenance including in-house operatives and specialist contractors
  • Preparation of a procedure for breakdowns

Quadrant would carry out a survey of the buildings and prepare an asset register of the society’s property, identifying their construction, specification of services and finishings, including mechanical and electrical, their ages, state of repair, etc.

The above brief outline of the requirements of a strategy for planning and procuring building maintenance needs to be developed into the full planned maintenance strategy. Alongside this, consideration should be given to renewable energy alternatives that could reduce running costs to the society. Should the above be in line with the society’s requirement, we can provide costing for carrying out the surveys, programmes and management of the works.

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