Project Management

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Our project management service provides a single point of contact for our clients and encourages a collaborative approach to delivering their projects. We place great emphasis on clear and effective communication with clients, design team members and contractors so that all parties involved with the project are working towards common goals. Our targets for delivery are established, controlled and monitored in terms of programme, quality, health and safety, value for money and risk.

Project management services cover the overall planning, co-ordination, control, reporting and monitoring on all aspects of the project, including:

  • Establishing the project brief with the client
  • Procurement of consultants and contractors
  • Design programming and co-ordination
  • Statutory approval management
  • Constructing programme co-ordination and monitoring
  • Co-ordination of financial and legal processes
  • Change and approval management

Project management services are provided from the inception stage, through to completion and beyond, ensuring that end users have a point of contact for any issues during the moving in and defects period. Our project managers have a broad range of experience across many sectors and bring experience from both the professional and contracting background. This enables us to provide a reasoned and practical approach to any situation.

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