Castle Healthcare Practice, Nottingham

Castle Healthcare Practice, Nottingham
January 9, 2017

It is now a year since we opened our wonderful surgery and the planned transition to a building being used for expanded primary care delivery is becoming a reality. As well as thanking you for your excellent work on the scheme, I would like to make some additional brief contextual comments.

The positive comments we now receive from everyone coming to see or work within the building at its end point rather belies the amount and complexity of what preceded completion. The building gave a significant number of serious challenges right from the start and as the representative of all the involved doctors, you deserve significant praise for seeing it all through. I know there were trying times but at no stage did you fail to support us and continue the project development.

From the outset with a site within the flood plain, the design implementation was going to be a challenge and your relationship with the architects was key to evolving the best functional use for patients. In addition there was the desire to look to the future as much as we could reasonably anticipate and helping to obtain the outgoing Primary Care Trust Board approval was key. There were the stressful moments of the formal planning approval but the background work that had been completed with the planners certainly helped here. Overarching all of this was the very basic fact that you had to guide, advise and support mainly Lisa and myself as project leads, when we had no experience of a building development such as this. Also it is no easy matter dealing with a fairly large group of doctors with many different opinions to accommodate!

Throughout, Quadrant have been positive, committed, responsive and calm; this application from yourselves has given the best possible primary healthcare facility considering all the hurdles which have been faced and dealt with. The actual building is a testament to all your hard work and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others or using Quadrant again should we need to do further project work.

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